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When we bred Westie puppies, they were all raised in our home with the family.  They were lovingly handled from birth, producing dogs with exceptional temperaments that are very devoted to their owners. At time of placement, all puppies were up to date on shots and worming.  

We placed Pet/Companion pups with limited registration (offspring of dogs with limited registration cannot be registered), neuter/spay contract, a pedigree, up-to-date shots and worming, and a congenital defects guarantee. Our pups were not intended to be used for breeding purposes.  

Our intent was always to better our Westies by taking into consideration health, temperament, and standard when breeding.  We offered a written guarantee, two weeks on general health and a one year guarantee against genetic health problems.

Two of our females (litter mates) have 14 champions in the last four generation pedigree.  Two of our females were imported from Scotland and had English, Swedish, Canadian, Norwegian, American, and Dutch champions on their pedigree.  Darby (male) is a Brookline with several champions in the last 5 generations. Parker is from "Of Surprise" and imported from Europe with many CH on his pedigree.  Paris is also from "Of Surprise" in Europe and also has many CH on her pedigree.  Both of their parents are finished champions. 

We spent lots of time with our pups and we never wanted pups leaving our home until they were 8 weeks old.  Socialization is very important and our families were always glad we spent the extra time with them.

If you are looking for a Westie Pup, never get in a hurry. A reputable breeder with a solid, healthy breed line will always have a long wait list. Get ready to wait if you want to be as sure as possible you are getting a healthy pup with a great temperament...<<More>>.


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