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Alternative To The Vet's Choice

When you pick up your beloved Westie at the vet's office after a spay or neuter, you always get one of these beautiful collars!  Of course, the purpose is to keep them from licking or trying to remove stitches.  It works, but it is terribly offensive to both you and your Westie.  We have a solution. 

While your Westie is having surgery, go to Wal-Mart and purchase Onesies.  If your Westie is around 14-15 pounds, buy a medium.  If your Westie is around 18 pounds, buy a large.  You will have to cut a hole for the tail. Your Westie will enjoy the new look and will not be scratching or licking.  Be sure to buy more than one so you can have one on hand during laundering time.

I was in the vet's office today getting Miss Chloe checked out and I saw one of the techs bring out a Lab that had just had a spay and she was wearing one of those weird looking Elizabethan Collars. She was so embarrassed!