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Miss Chloe is very photogenic!  She enjoys the garden in the spring time.  She is the one in charge of all the others! She rules the roost! She is very lively and weighs 19 Pounds.



Ellie is low key, calm, loving, and will spend the whole day in your lap.  She weighs 16 pounds.  She is a little shy and takes a while to warm up to guests.  Her tail was injured at birth and had to be partially amputated.  She is the only bob-tailed Westie I know!

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Francie is very loving and wants to be in the middle of everything that takes place.  She wants to be loved on and gets along well with all the other dogs.  She was imported from Scotland.  Her family lives on a farm where we visited some time ago.  It is beautiful country. Gigi has that typical Westie spirit.  She is investigative, lively, full of energy, and loves attention.  She weighs 15 pounds.  She came from Scotland and is a litter mate to Francie.


Paris, at 8 months,  is a pretty girl.  Her coat continues to develop.  She will be a small girl, around 14 pounds.  She is very loving and affectionate.  She loves to be with us and follows every step we take.




Cordy and Sprinkles live with our daughter and family.

Sprinkles lives with our daughter and family.  She too is also full of energy, lively, and wants attention.  She loves to sit in your lap and enjoys being petted and rubbed on the belly. Cordy is low key, investigative, and knows how to unzip a purse,  She will find anything you do not want her to find.  She loves to get gum from a ladies purse. 

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