We bathe our Westies every week and have never had skin problems. We want our Westies clean and smelling good! We have listed on the Westie Supplies page the kind of shampoo we use.  These products are tried and proven as far as we are concerned. When bathing, it is very important to rinse, rinse, and then rinse again and be sure you use the right shampoo!

Good grooming habits are essential for your Westie:

  • Daily, you should brush or comb your Westie. If you spend 3-5 minutes daily brushing your Westie, you will never have problems with the coat getting matted.  Be sure to brush his stomach, chest, and under his front legs.

  • With every bath comes a teeth brushing. Remember, doggie toothpaste, not yours!

  • Nail trimming should occur every 2-3 weeks.

  • Trim his paw pads and keep the hair trimmed between his eyes and nose.

    The chart below shows the length of hair and direction of pull if you strip your Westie.
    Courtesy of Doubletake Westies