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Grooming Should Be A Routine

Westies love a structured schedule!  Even though your routine is hectic, busy, and full of surprises, it is to your advantage to have a structured routine for your Westie.  For example, I hear people say, "The last time I tried to groom my Westie, she had a fit".  How long ago was that?  "It must have been a couple of months ago"!  Don't let grooming become a chore.  Take the time daily to brush him out, brush his teeth at least every 7-10 days, and bathe him at least every other week.

Grooming is extremely important and does several things:

  • Encourages good circulation in the skin

  • Increases healthy oil production to keep the coat shiny (a Westie coat is not as oily as other breeds)

  • Wards off fleas and other pests

  • Keeps down ear infections, tear stains, hot spots, and periodontal disease

  • Gives you opportunity to practice your grooming skills (

If you groom your Westie daily, it keeps you in tune with any changes in the skin, coat, eyes, ears, teeth, and can help pinpoint abrasions, lumps and bumps, and other health problems.  Always reward him with a suitable treat for his good behavior.

See Grooming Chart!

It is great to have a grooming table, but you don't have to have one.  Spread a towel over your washing machine and go to work! 

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