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Are You A Poop Picker-Upper?

You know what makes me mad? You know what really makes me have a bad day? Stepping in dog poop in the dark, just before daylight, on my daily walk with Linda and our three Westies. We always carry pick up bags for our dogs and pick up their poop. All dogs poop!

The other morning, I really got ticked! We were walking down the street on our "before daylight" walk, enjoying the cool morning air, and having our morning conversation. All of a sudden I go to dancing because I realize I am in the middle of poop. Too late! In the dim street light, I discovered my suspicions were right. Have you ever been ticked off? Wanted to yell, but your knew the neighbors were probably still asleep. We had just met a neighbor walking her Doberman and little poodle and we suspected her dog (the BIG one) was the culprit. Now I don't normally talk about dog poop, but I did want to remind you to be considerate and when you take your dog in public, always be prepared to be a "poop picker upper"!