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Diary of Pups From Scotland 

Goodbye from Scotland!  

March 31

Here are the last photos, taken this morning.  We were up early to give the girls a good meal first thing and to give them time to digest their food before traveling.  We had a lovely bright, warm morning so they went outside for a last lap of the lawn.  My husband is very good at collecting wayward pups from the garden! They had lots of fun, but we had plane to catch.  They had a cuddle, and I wished them a happy life in America, and said goodbye. Then they were put in the carrier, ready to go.  Francie and Gigi on their way.

They traveled well in the car, and when I left them at the airport they were quite relaxed and happy.  Let me know they arrive safely, all for now.




NOTE:  Francie and Gigi arrived in Atlanta at 5 PM on April 1 and they are everything we were expecting!  They were excited, happy, and obviously not affected by the flight from Scotland.  They are beautiful pups.  It was obvious Sharon had spent a lot of time socializing them.  They are adorable.  Gigi is the spunky one!  She investigates everything.  Francie seems to be a little more laid back.  They are both very loving and they have added a new dimension to our family.

We spent some time in the parking lot letting them run around and potty.  It was as if we had been with them always the way they loved on us and wagged those tails.  After some fun, food, and exercise, we began our trip home, stopping every couple hours for a nature break!  They are such loving, fun pups.

The first night at home was uneventful.  We got them to bed around 1 AM after the 6 hour trip from Atlanta and they slept until around 3 AM.  I heard a few barks, not crying, but they soon went back to sleep.  They have had an active day.  We'll see what happens tonight!

Darby and Chloe took a while to accept them.  They viewed these new pups as invading their territory.  Francie was a little intimidated by Chloe, but Gigi stood her ground and that put an end to any effort on Chloe's part to intimidate her.  Tonight, they have all accepted each other and all seems to be well.  We take them out about every hour and half, and they have not soiled the floor.  We are working hard to housetrain them.  It is important that we set them up for success, not failure,  by taking them out often.

It's been an exciting venture and we look forward to a great friendship with Francie and Gigi.

NOTE:  Thursday, April 3, brings a quiet, sunny morning for Francie, Gigi, Chloe, and Darby.  The flowers are blooming in Mississippi and everything is beautiful.  God's beautiful earth is truly coming alive after a cold dormant winter.  Everything is quiet with the pups and they have been able to make their entrance into our family peacefully.  Chloe and Darby are asleep beside Francie and Gigi.  I took a week of vacation time to help Linda with this new project, but she could have handled it herself.  But I think I will still hang around the rest of the week just to be sure!


Diary of Pups From Scotland

In November 2001, we began our search for Westie pups from the UK.  In an effort to improve our breeding program, it has always been my belief that UK pups are more pure bred than many pups in the USA.  So, we decided to import pups with European Champions on their pedigree.  We talked with a few breeders, and then received contact with Sharon in Scotland.  Over many weeks, we spent lots of time on e-mail and finally Sharon agreed to import two of her female pups to us in Mississippi.  It has been quite an experience with all the import requirements, health checks, shots, etc.  But, around April, we will receive our pups at 12 weeks of age.  I'll give you a sneak preview!

 Francie and Gigi

3 Weeks




              4 Weeks


              Aren't these cute girls just too much!


5 Weeks

  Just got this picture and note from  Sharon today:    

"The pups spend most of their time playing, then they fall asleep into a heap.  Then they wake up and start again!  They have so much energy.  One of the funniest sights is to see them trying to run on the tile floor, their legs go right out from under them!  You just have to smile."

6 Weeks


  Additional pictures and note from Sharon today:

7 Weeks

"The girls are just little darlings!  They will be going to the vet for their vaccinations on Friday.  Portia still keeps her family in check, washing and playing with them.  I think that it is important for them to have adequate time with Mum.  She visits them when she wants and when she wants peace she just escapes into the kitchen.  She takes them anything she finds extra tasty, in the food line, she makes sure that they have first pick before her.  What a good Mum!"



8 Weeks

Look!  I'm trying to hold my ears up!

Note from Sharon today 

"They are such live wires, and want to be with you all the time.  I can no longer creep by their basket to do the laundry when they are sleeping.  Perhaps its something to do with the ears going up!  They are lovely little characters.  All tail wagging, and happy!"

This pup is on her way to a great career!


9 weeks

Note from Sharon today        

"If you wonder at the slightly grubby appearance, this is due to the fascination the pups had with my sack of potatoes in the utility. They managed to make a hole in the corner, and were busy getting the potatoes out.  Great fun!  I only went to answer a phone call, and ten minutes later -you should have seen them.  What a sight!  They have a very healthy curiosity for anything and everything they come across.  I will miss them when they leave."


10 weeks

Note from Sharon today

"Here are some photos taken today in the conservatory.  They had lots of fun.  Portia was busy rolling them over and wrestling with them.  She still gives them a wash and keeps them in order.  She is amazing, such a good Mum!

It feels like Spring has come to Scotland today.  All the bulbs are starting to come out in the garden, the sun is shining.  We have lots of Bluebells in the borders and under the trees.  Once they flower it's really magical."

NOTE:  Flight schedules are now complete.  Francie and Gigi will leave Scotland and arrive in Atlanta on Tuesday, April 1, 3:15 PM.  They are going to love living in Mississippi!

11 weeks

Note from Sharon today 

"Henry was outside in the garden and noticed the girls.  He was looking in.  They seemed to be saying, "Can we come out and play Dad?"   He is very laid back and kind.  He loves the pups and he is very interested in them.  Even when they are rough he never chastises them.  When it all gets a bit too rowdy he just watches from a safe distance!"


Sharon is pictured below with Hopeful Henry and Portia.  They are the parents of Francie and Gigi, the pups above.



Portia seems intent on being sure those pups are attended to properly!


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