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Original Mars® Coat-King - 12 blade (fine)


 Nature's Miracle® Advanced Stain and Odor Remove


Kalaya Emu Oil Shampoo


Super White™ Coat Brightener Shampoo


Four Paws® Brewers Yeast With Garlic


Animal Ear Cleaning Products

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Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate Gel Caps 



 How To Select A Serious Westie Breeder

Step three - Know what you are getting with your puppy

  1. A properly executed Registration Certificate. Registration materials may be withheld if a written statement is provided of when, and under what conditions, they will be provided (e.g. until the time of spay or neuter by the new owner as verified by a veterinarian).
  2. Written, three-generation pedigree.
  3. Health record including a diet, inoculation and parasite control record, and health guarantee.
  4. Basic diet and care information.
  5. A Contract indicating the time frame during which the puppy or dog may be examined by a licensed veterinarian, at the buyer's expense, and, upon written recommendation of the veterinarian for specific reasons, the puppy or dog may be returned to the seller for a full refund of all money paid.








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