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I Wish I Could Remember What The Vet Said

Have you ever taken your sick Westie to the vet only to return home and someone say, "What did the vet say"? Sometimes you find it difficult to remember or understand just what he/she was talking about. If you had just thought, you could have asked the right questions!

A good companion site that will give you a resource to use when your vet speaks "Greek" and you need it in terms so you can read and re-read the info related to your pet's illness, is the Merck Veterinary Manual online. The contents on the left column is a great source of information from skin problems to diarrhea. As long as you understand this resource is not a "diagnose and treat your Westie yourself", resource, this can offer a lot of companion information when your Westie is under-going vet treatment.  This resource will allow you to become more comfortable with the questions you need to ask.