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In late October, Linda went on her annual trek. She and her two sisters meet up in FL and have a good time. This time she took our daughter and granddaughter. It, Iím sure, was a genuine Hen Party. The closer it came to Friday (grooming day) the more uneasy I got. I had run back and forth all week long from work to home to take care of Chloe, Darby, and Paris. During that time I went by the vetís office to pick up some meds and saw a business card of a Mobile Groomer. I reached over, picked it up, and stuffed it into my pocket.

While driving back to the office I remembered the card. I took it out and carefully looked over it. I had seen that nice grooming van before and I decided to call. I talked to Brenda and sure enough, she could get to our dogs on Thursday. Just right! Thursday comes before Friday! Since Friday is grooming day and comes after Thursday, I was excited. Then I got this sinking feeling. What is Linda going to say when I tell her I spent all that money for grooming? After all, Brenda came to our home. It costs a lot to buy a nice van like that. Brenda has expenses too, you know. Since I discovered a long time ago it is much easier to get forgiveness than permission, I began to feel good about myself all over again.

Early Thursday morning came and she was right on time. I gave her the shampoo we use (donít mess up a good thing), asked if she had ever groomed a Westie (a little late at this point), discussed how I wanted them clippered (a no-no for years around this house), and out the door she went with Miss Chloe (Miss Chloe goes first in everything).

Groomer1.jpgDuring the almost hour and half, I was on pins and needles. What have I done? Linda will never trust me alone with the dogs again! I will never live this down. I tried to assure myself that her hair would eventually grow out. I was a wreck.

The door bell rang. There was Miss Chloe. My doll. My girl. Isnít she just beautiful? I was relieved.



Darby was next. I still was a little nervous. How could Linda find anything wrong with this grooming job?

Chloe was so proud of herself with that bandana on. She strutted around as if she was showing off before Paris who was a little taken aback and not quite sure what lay ahead for her.

After Darbyís allotted time, he appeared at the door. How handsome. What a good looking guy. Pups all over the US and Canada would be proud if they saw their dad.




I said goodbye to Paris as she pranced out with Brenda as if she had known her all of her life.

GroomerParis00732.jpgWhen she returned, she too was gorgeous. What a doll. She would prance around just like Chloe had done. She was proud of her new look.






 In an effort to redeem myself, I emailed photos of the dogs to Linda so she could inspect them. She reluctantly approved my grooming venture and was in the end very pleased.

Over the years I have had many people ask if I can recommend a groomer in our area. We have never even used a groomer so we could not recommend one. Well, this one, I can recommend. She did a great job and the dogs loved her. I did tell her I was reluctant because we were very peculiar about our dogs and had never had them groomed. I always do our grooming and the dogs always love it. We have a good time together. However, it is about a 5-6 hour ordeal each Friday.