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Springtime Allergies: Miss Chloe’s Sneezing and Nasal Discharge!
As you well know, Miss Chloe is still Queen at Down South Westies! However, our special Westies do get sick and a few days ago she began showing signs of sneezing. She has never had signs of allergy problems, so we assumed it was because of springtime pollen and would be temporary. But it soon became more than just sneezing. She awakened in the night a couple times with a strong burst of seemingly sucking in breaths (the vet called it reversed sneezing).Then came the nasal discharge. She seemed to have all the symptoms of a sinus infection so we immediately began to ask questions: Do we need to take her on to the vet or will this pass? Will she need antibiotics?
Can this be more serious than it appears? So, off to the vet we went. Below is the result of our visit:

The vet says, although normal dogs may occasionally sneeze or have nasal discharge (similar to human beings) severe, chronic or recurrent bouts of sneezing or nasal discharge can suggest a more serious problem. Sneezing and nasal discharge often occur together and may be accompanied by post-nasal drip, gagging, and/or reversed sneezing (an explosive, almost sucking noise).

Of course, Chloe had all of these symptoms:

  • She started off sneezing

  • Rubbing her nose with her paw

  • Gagging

  • Woke up in the night with reversed sneezing (explosive sucking noise)

  • Nasal discharge

The vet says these symptoms can suggest a number of problems:

  • Respiratory infections - Some cases are brief and self-limiting such as acute viral infections. However, he started her on a round of antibiotics to hopefully bring this to an end sooner.

  • Recurrent problems such as seasonal allergies are just like those bouts of allergy problems you and I have, so it is not too serious. However, he said that once started, she may have other bouts of sinus/allergy problems.

  • For older dogs, like Chloe, there can be tumors or chronic dental disease. Thankfully, she has no tumors and she recently had her teeth cleaned, so no problems there.

  • Lodged nasal foreign bodies such as in working/hunting outdoor dogs can mimic this type of problem, but she passed that test as well.

The Diagnosis was that she had inflamed respiratory infection and he prescribed a round of antibiotics (Cephalexin). He also prescribed a round of Temaril-p that has a little steroid in it. As a result, she has increased appetite and thirst.

She has been on meds for 10 days now and is better, but not clear. She obviously feels bad, a little draggy from the decongestant, but we hope she will be well soon. The vet did not remind us, but we remembered to give her a probiotic along with the antibiotic to keep her from getting a yeast infection.

UPDATE: Chloe continues to have the same symptoms and after several weeks, she is no better. We consulted a natural remedies vet and are trying Respo-K. The link is below:





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