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January WestieGram
January, 2007

Cordy's New Litter of 5!

Cordy lives with our daughter and family.  All the pups are doing great.  They are really active and growing up a storm.  Michelle began supplementing them with dog food softened with water.  They eat like little pigs <<More>>

Ellie Has 6 Beautiful Pups!

Ellie's pups will have open eyes soon.  They are really growing and becoming more active.  In another week or so, their hearing will begin.  They are beautiful pups.  <<More>>


Did You Know?

If your Westie gets upset stomach and diarrhea, you can give him "Cherry" Kaopectate.  Pepto-Bismol will do the same thing, but they will not take it as easily as Kaopectate.  They like the cherry taste.  Pepto-Bismol tastes terrible.

From Black To Pink?

We receive dozens of emails every month with questions about Westies.  There are questions about ears not standing, housetraining, whether to give supplements, what shampoo to use, questions about grooming, what food to feed, and many others.  We spend hours each week answering those questions (which we don't mind).  I received a question this week past that I have never had before!  "My female one-year old Westie (spayed) eats the Canidae food, as you recommend, plus takes Omega Fish Oil Capsules and Brewer's Yeast with Garlic pills twice a day. Yet her previously black nose seems to be turning pink this winter. Is there anything that you would recommend?  Another Westie site says that it can come from irritants, and recommends Pet Tabs vitamins. What do you think?" 

This was a new one for me!  After research, the following is what she discovered: 

"A soft, black nose is one of the most attractive Westie features. Noses can lighten from exposure to irritants, lack of sunlight, vitamin deficiency and/or age.  If your dog begins to lose the black pigment in his nose, use glass or metal dishes, rather than plastic. Give the Westie more time outdoors in the sunlight. Try a multi-vitamin, such as Pet Tabs, daily.  Pet Tabs can be purchased in pet supply shops. Homeopathic remedies include blue-green algae and colloidal silver.  Noses will also lighten with age. In that case, the nose turns lighter brown, rather than pink. But, sometimes, no matter what you do, the nose will not regain its pigment.  Westie Rescue USA

"This is called a "snow nose" and when it gets warm again, it should turn black.  If it ulcerates or scabs though be sure to have your vet check it."  AltheaVet

This is called hypopigmentation and is common in Rottweilers, Dobermans, Old English Sheepdogs, and Dachshunds, but rather unusual among Westies.


Dry Cleaning Your Westie!

When you don't have time to give your Westie a bath, you can "dry clean" him. You might want to wash his feet and then take a shaving brush and dab grooming chalk on the coat and work it in with your fingers.  After you get the hang of it, you can even spray a fine mist of water on the coat before chalking.  You will soon learn how to do it without getting grooming chalk all over you and everything else.  The chalk actually removes the soil from the coat.  Work it in and towel dry him.  Brush out all of the chalk.  You can even use Baby Powder with Corn Starch.  We use that often and actually prefer it over grooming chalk.  Your Westie will smell good after the grooming session when you use Baby Powder with Corn Starch.


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