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March WestieGram
March, 2007
Soft Puppia Mesh Harness


Sometimes, products come along that we like to pass along to you.  We bought Puppia Mesh Harnesses for our dogs from TerrierToys that we like very much.  They are comfortable, and you don't have to worry about the possibility of your Westie's head slipping out like can happen with a collar.  A sizing chart is on their site.  Paris weighs 14-15 pounds and she wears a medium size.  Chloe and Darby weigh 18-20 pounds and they both wear a large size.

Newman's Own Organic Chicken Treats for Dogs (10-oz (small dog treats) bag
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Westie Books  Check out these Westie books from Amazon.com.

LookAtMyDog.com is a great source of gifts as well as many supplies for your Westie.

Wanted You To Be The First To Know!

Linda and I have made a decision that has been very difficult to even consider, much less carry out.  We are retiring from breeding Down South Westies.  Our Westies have been the love of our lives for years and this change has come as a necessity.  When you take care of the dogs like Linda does, it becomes a 24/7 job.  Our dogs never lack attention, socialization, or love.  Linda is always there.  I even slept with the mama dogs as the day approached for them to give birth.  We were there every step of the way.  At our age, we decided we needed to make the transition at this point rather than continue, even though it has been very difficult to give up three of our dogs.  We have always been very careful where we placed our pups.  It has been the same for Francie, Gigi, and Ellie.  Francie and Gigi will go to live with John and Glenda in AL.  They had gotten one of our pups over a year ago and the pup developed a blood clot and died after surgery.  They love Francie and Gigi just like we do and are giving them a great home.  John and Glenda's daughter and husband, Robyn and Brian, live in the Metro Atlanta area and they are loving Ellie.  Ellie was our shy girl and they lovingly take care of her and are giving her a great home.  We feel fully confident that both families will love and care for them. 

We will place Parker in a home that will love and care for him.  He is a sweet boy, 9 months old, and loves people.  He is energetic, playful, and a hoot to have around.  He is so funny and loving.

We will continue the WestieGram each month.

Ellie's Pups Go To New Homes!

Ellie's pups went to their new homes to live in AL, LA, RI, FL, TN, and GA.


Dog Massage

I treat my Westie, MacKenzie, to a gentle massage every evening just before bedtime.  It has become such a big part of our routine that he gives me a little nudge with his snout if I ever forget!  Aside from keeping your dog relaxed and happy, massage provides many health benefits such as good circulation, improved muscle tone and flexibility.  Dog massage helps to reduce strain and avoid injury.  It also provides an ideal opportunity to check for ticks or skin abnormalities.  Last but not least, massage improves the bond you have with your dog.  Have him beside you or on your lap.  Start with soft strokes from head to tail.

  When he begins to relax, gently massage behind his ears, cheeks, chin and over the head.  Gently rub each ear several times, working from base to tip.  Move slowly over the neck, shoulders and chest in circular patterns.  Lightly squeeze each foreleg, then do the same with his back legs.  If he is comfortable with having his feet touched, give them a few soft squeezes too.  Deep massage should only be used by trained practitioners, so when giving a home massage, take your time and be very gentle.  When your "love session" is over, your dog will most likely be in a state of total relaxation...and you just might find that your own stresses have washed away in the process!

~ Deborah, mom of MacKenzie, the son of Down South's Abby and Darby.


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