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May WestieGram
May, 2007

Pet Food Recall Update!

Don't let the story become so familiar that you stop listening to the reports!

"The exporter of a contaminated pet food ingredient blamed for the deaths of dogs and cats in the United States may have avoided Chinese export inspections by labeling it a nonfood product, a U.S. government report says." -Forbes.com

"The New York Times reported that Xuzhou Anying's manager, Mao Lijun, had been detained by Chinese authorities, although the paper gave no details about possible charges against him." -Forbes.com

"The outbreak has drawn wide concern in the U.S., where such pets are often considered members of the family. Bereaved pet owners have sued the firms involved, and FDA investigators have raided the offices of Menu Foods, a maker of pet food, and ChemNutra Inc., which supplied the wheat gluten, according to the companies." -Forbes.com

Dog Food Companies continue to expand the recall list.  Follow this link to see who has been added...<<More>>

Adding a Second Dog to Your Family!
By Kathy Diamond Davis


With one dog in the family, why not add another one? What are the pros and cons? When is the right time? Will it change the things you love about the dog you have now?

Itís possible to re-home a dog if things donít work out, but this can be hard on the familyís emotions and even harder on the dog. The experience can also damage your first dog. Itís worth spending plenty of time to make your best decisions... <<More>>

Find info related to Westie Rescue.




We use and recommend Continue shopping at JeffersPet supplies for all your Westie needs
How Much Is Your Dogs Life Worth?
The Wall Street Journal Online
By Sara Schaefer Munoz

We are often asked to recommend a book about Westies.  If you could only have one book, we suggest Westies From Head To Tail.  It will ultimately be a classic among the Westie community because of its detail and info about a great dog.

by Ruth Faherty

The ultimate Westie book for new fanciers or old hands! Everything about the breed: history, Standard, evaluating and choosing puppies, raising your puppy, much more.

If you are located in California, you might want to consider helping to oppose AB 1634.

"Please join the AKC Canine Legislation Department on Tuesday, May 15th for a Lobby Day Training Seminar in Sacramento, Hyatt Regency, from 11am-1pm. In the afternoon we will provide folks with lobbying and educational materials to enable the purebred dog community to effectively educate your Assemblymembers about AB 1634.

In the afternoon concerned dog owners will visit the Capitol to meet with their Assemblymembers.

The Dog Owner's Veterinary Handbook  by James M Griffin, MD & Lisa D. Carlson, DVM
Easy-to-follow directions and an alphabetized emergency section explains how and when to treat a dog and when to call a vet. Hardback, 558 pages, photos and illustrations. 3rd ed.

Humans could learn new tricks by looking at the marketing of canine perfume.
Would you spend $250  1/4 oz.?


Brand Matters: Tracking a Dog's Scent...<More>>

For Those Who Like A Good Story!

Author/Artist RON HEVENER specializes in animals and the romantic, adventurous people who love them. Figurines, paintings, and stories by Ron Hevener are collected by animal lovers everywhere. Visitors to Hevener's studio can see the dogs, horses and wildlife that inspire novels like Fate of the Stallion, The Blue Ribbon and High Stakes.

Follow this link to see all figurines.<<More>>

"Your life is a movie, and you write the script," he says. "On With The Show!"  www.RonHevener.com


Parasite Control
Parasites are a common cause of disease in dogs and puppies. Know how to prevent and control parasitic diseases through the use of medications, proper sanitation, grooming, and preventing contact with infected animals.

Deworming:  We worm our adult dogs about every 4-5 months.  Annually, it is good to have a fecal exam just to be sure your worming schedule is working.

Flea Control:  Once-a-month topical insecticides are applied to a small area on your pet's back, are probably the easiest product to use, and generally last the longest. Be sure the house and yard are flea-free!  We have a large play yard for our dogs that is covered with artificial pine straw.  The artificial pine straw is very expensive, but will last a long time, unlike natural pine straw, and easy to keep flea-free.  We do not use insecticides on our dogs.  Of course, our vet laughs at us, but we give our dogs Brewer's Yeast with Garlic two times daily and we have never even seen a flea.  It works for us.

Herbs & Vitamins:  Brewer's yeast, thiamine, garlic, citronella, rosemary, and other herbs have been advocated as effective flea control substances. There have been no clinical trials to prove their effectiveness. This does not mean they may not work in some situations, but their reliability is questionable.  ~Holly Nash, DVM, MS
Veterinary Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.

Heartworm preventives:  Monthly preventives are the most popular and include Heartgard and Revolution.  There are others, but be sure the preventive you use also helps control hookworms and roundworms.  We use prescription Ivermection liquid that we give our dogs monthly.  It is much cheaper and with several dogs it saves a lot of money.


Have a beautiful Westie?  E-mail us an attached photo (jpg) of your Westie and we'll post it on the Friends Page for 30 days.  Give us your name (first name will do), your state, and your Westie's name.  You can even add a short paragraph.  It doesn't have to be a Down South Westie, just a Westie!  We'll be expecting your email! 



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