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Speed Cleaning Tips!

Your are running late, and company is coming! Here are some speed tips to help you get ready:

  • Instant deodorizer - For your dog's bed, cover with a thin layer of baking soda, let sit for five minutes, then attack with a vac.

  • Stop stains - To get rid of "accidents" on carpet - and the smells that pets keep revisiting - you can buy Nature's Miracle or you can mix 1 part water and 2 parts white vinegar to accomplish the same thing! Saturate, wait 5 minutes, blot. Be sure you make a new solution every 2-3 days because it will lose it's strength.

  • Paper towels - plus rubbing alcohol equals an easy, DIY cleaning wipe. Use it for nose prints on glass, or food-bowl spills on tiles. The alcohol dries in seconds, streak free.

  • Kibble keeper - If dry food in a paper bag keeps spilling, repackage it in a jumbo plastic container with a lid.

  • Removing smells - Is your dog a couch potato? Lessen sofa odor by slipping dryer sheets into envelopes and tucking them under the cushions.

  • Anti-furring - Handy tool to get hair off upholstered furniture: rubber gloves. Put on a clean pair, dampen, and run your hands over cushions (for silk, use dry gloves).

  • Muddy paws - Muddy paw prints on the rug? Relax and just let them dry-they'll come off more easily if you vacuum later than if you scrub them now!

The Do's and Don'ts of dealing with Destructive Chewing!

We discovered the other day that Paris, while looking out the window, took a big chomp out of the window ceil. I already repaired and repainted it once a few months ago and thought it was all over with. After all, she is a year old! For some reason she doesn't see it that way, so I had to do some brushing up on my reading about the problem. After all, we haven't had a pup in the house for several years. I went once again to Kathy Diamond Davis' THE CANINE BEHAVIOR SERIES! It was informational for me so I thought you might enjoy it.<<More>>

Soft Puppia Mesh Harness


Submitting a Pet Article/Story
Want to be a WestieGram contributor? Have an interesting story? Do you love to write? Ever wanted to write a "how to" article? Are you an expert on dogs and breeding?
  • Type out your article or story in MS Word

  • Write a bio about yourself, if you're a breeder mention your kennel. (this will be a the bottom of your article), you may also include a picture of yourself or your dog (not required).

  • Send us an email at and attach your article/story, bio, and any photos you would like.


  • Can be about anything related to pets.

  • No inappropriate language!

Westie Supplies!

We get multitudes of emails asking what we consider typical Westie questions.  We have questions about what kind of shampoo we use, dog food we feed, grooming questions, and the dreaded questions about skin/allergy problems, etc.  Be sure to see our "Westie Supplies" page.

Another good source is our "Links" page where you can get info related to puppy care, doggie manners, pet friendly motels, grooming, AKC site, as well as "Ask A Vet".  I have just added an interesting Animal Behaviorist site. Also, we have a lot of info on our "WestieGram" page.  There are past WestieGrams that might answer one of your questions.  Check it out!

The Pet Economy
Americans spend an astonishing $41 billion a year on their furry friends



The Dog Owner's Veterinary Handbook  by James M Griffin, MD & Lisa D. Carlson, DVM
Easy-to-follow directions and an alphabetized emergency section explains how and when to treat a dog and when to call a vet. Hardback, 558 pages, photos and illustrations. 3rd ed.


















I wish I could remember what the vet said!

Have you ever taken your sick Westie to the vet only to return home and someone say, "What did the vet say"? Sometimes you find it difficult to remember or understand just what he/she was talking about.  A good companion site that will give you a resource to use when your vet speaks "Greek" and you need it in terms so you can read and re-read the info related to your pet's illness, is the Merck Veterinary Manual. As long as you understand this resource is not a "diagnose and treat your Westie yourself", resource, this can offer a lot of companion information when your Westie is under-going vet treatment.  This resource will allow you to become more comfortable with the questions you need to ask.

Westie Walk

The 2nd Annual Virginia Westie Walk... will be held on Sunday, September 23, at Joseph Bryan Park, Pavilion #1, in Richmond, VA.  This year's event will kick off at 10 AM and end around 2 PM.  The Westie Walk will take place along the outer loop of the park, followed by a group picture.  Lunch will be catered by Buz & Ned's Real BBQ, and there will be plenty of water tastings and treats for the fur kids!There will be several contests throughout the event, so pull out those pet costumes and start practicing those tricks!
Additional information and registration forms can be found on the Westie Walk website at  Please check often for updates related to the event, as well as the listings of our generous sponsors.  The first 50 prepaid registrations received by August 23rd will be entered in a special drawing for a gift basket valued at $100!  So, register early  - You might just be the winner! 

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