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Canine Arthritis

Many older dogs develop arthritis as a natural part of ageing. Although there are no miracle cures, much can be done to make old dogs with arthritis more comfortable and improve their lives.

They need a soft comfortable place to sleep. Your dog's bed should be as comfortable as your own. Of course, most Westies share our beds!

They need gentle, regular exercise. Provide limited, gentle exercise. Determine how much is right for your dog and be consistent. We take our dogs on a 1.5 mile trek 5-6 times weekly before daylight. Avoid those times when they get a lot of exercise without getting it consistently during the week. Don't play fetch for several hours on Saturday and expect your dog to be able to get out of the bed the next morning if he is not used to getting daily exercise.

They need proper diet and weight control. Many older dogs tend to be overweight. This discourages them from getting the exercise they need and aggravates their arthritis.  The more weight on those poor old joints, the harder it is to move around. You should be able to easily locate each of your dog's ribs when you feel for them.

They need supplements for joint health. There are hundreds of products for animals intended to relieve arthritis by promoting joint and cartilage health. Their use has become nearly universal among veterinarians. No safety problems have arisen, and they are generally quite effective.  In our opinion, every dog showing even the earliest signs of arthritis should be receiving one of these products. They work best in the early stages of arthritis, while there is still reasonable joint function left to preserve. 

Synovi G3 Soft Chews 240 ct is a product we use with all of our dogs. We treat Chloe and Darby because of their age. We imported Paris from Europe and as a pup she had Legg-Perthes which demanded surgery to repair her left hind leg. She did great after surgery and our vet recommended we give her this treatment also. We have discovered that Snovi G3 Soft Chews is a great product. Our vet instructed us to begin with a daily dose for the first six weeks and then give one every other day. If you need a good formula for joint pain for your dog, click on the link below. It is the cheapest price we have found on the web!

Synovi G3 Soft Chews 240 ct










Gifts For Westie Lovers

 Westie Evening Bag

Handmade with vintage Westie images. Approx. 5" tall

 Westie We Got Mail

Nice gift for a Westie lover. Set of 6 blank note cards and matching envelopes Cards are 5" x 7". Art by Suzanne Renaud."

Step out in style with these natural Westie socks. They will warm your feet and heart. Treat yourself and friends to dog socks with style, a great Westie gift item. 70% cotton, 28% nylon, 1% spandex, 1% rubber.
 Beautiful Westie Pillow

 Jacquard woven with velvet backing 100% cotton size 18" x 18" Imported from Europe

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Does This Sound Familiar?

“My dog doesn’t listen!” “When I say ‘come,’ she runs the other way!” “He comes in from a walk and sneaks out of the room to poop where we can’t see!” Are these dogs disobedient? Defiant? Stubborn?

What is “obedience”? Should a dog do what I say, no matter what? Do I want my dog to show me when there’s a problem? Will I pay attention to what the dog is trying to tell me? Is it the dog’s responsibility to obey me? Is the dog my servant, my partner, my family member, my friend, my burden or my hobby? <<More>>

Virginia Westie Walk

The 2nd Annual Virginia Westie Walk... will be held on Sunday, September 23, at Joseph Bryan Park, Pavilion #1, in Richmond, VA.  This year's event will kick off at 10 AM and end around 2 PM.  The Westie Walk will take place along the outer loop of the park, followed by a group picture.  Lunch will be catered by Buz & Ned's Real BBQ, and there will be plenty of water tastings and treats for the fur kids!There will be several contests throughout the event, so pull out those pet costumes and start practicing those tricks!
Additional information and registration forms can be found on the Westie Walk website at  Please check often for updates related to the event, as well as the listings of our generous sponsors.  The first 50 prepaid registrations received by August 23rd will be entered in a special drawing for a gift basket valued at $100!  So, register early  - You might just be the winner! 

Proceeds to Benefit WestieMed, Inc.

Congratulations Dixie!

Dixie won first place with a perfect 200 score in her division in the August UKC Agility trials.  Her proud mom and dad are Down South's Francie and Darby. She lives in OK with Marilyn and Fred.

It's A Westie's Nature!

Almost every day, usually before daylight, we take our Westies on a mile and half trek through our neighborhood. Sometimes it's a quiet walk and then instantly, things can change! Here comes a runner! Here comes another walker with a dog! There goes a deer crossing the street! Whoa back Nellie! And the struggle begins. Don't you like that about Westies? You never know what to expect! Darby, Chloe, and Paris got all the genes! They are prey driven, just a typical Westie. If your Westie is not prey driven, he is definitely part poodle!

Of all the terrier breeds, Westies usually make the best performance dogs. Dixie, in the picture above is an illustration of that. Marilyn and Fred have a right to be proud of her.

Since Westies have that typical drive to chase squirrels, cats, deer, etc., we want to remind you again the importance of a harness instead of a collar. Never allow your Westie to be on a long retractable leash. Westies need exercise daily. After all, it helps keep their nails short and you only have to do minor trimming on a couple of nails. Our dogs pile up and rest while Linda and I go for another round of our 3 plus miles daily!




The Dog Owner's Veterinary Handbook  by James M Griffin, MD & Lisa D. Carlson, DVM
Easy-to-follow directions and an alphabetized emergency section explains how and when to treat a dog and when to call a vet. Hardback, 558 pages, photos and illustrations. 3rd ed.



Soft Puppia Mesh Harness