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 February 2008







Farewell To The Monthly Issue!

For several years, we have provided information to Westie lovers literally all over the world. We have WestieGram subscribers in Scotland, Canada, Russia, Hungary, England, Romania, France, Puerto Rico, Italy, Norway, and literally every state in the U.S. except Hawaii. It has definitely been a labor of love.

We are making some life changes that claim all of our time and this change is leaving very little time for the monthly WestieGram. Miss Chloe, Darby, and Paris continue to be such sweet dogs and are such bright spots in our lives. Paris has learned to smile! Chloe is still sassy, and Darby just lets the girls do what they want while he struts around like a king!

We will continue to encourage you to check out our web site as well as send pictures of your Westie for the Friends Page. We love seeing the pictures and posting them for all to see. So, keep those pictures coming!

In addition to my regular job, we are working with our Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) to set up the GO Caribbean Gospel Saturation project in Barbados. We will be putting together teams from all over the country that will go to Barbados and go door-to-door handing out packets that include a Gospel of John and information about a local church, a new house church, or Bible study. It is an effort to saturate the Island with the Gospel that many people might be won to Christ. For this reason, we will publish our WestieGram on a quarterly basis rather than monthly. Linda and I spent a week in Mexico earlier this month doing the same type of mission work. We will be taking trips to Barbados beginning in the spring. I am working now putting together training guides for the teams as well as all other arrangements.

Don't ever hesitate to contact us with questions. We will always be available to help, but the time involved in preparing a WestieGram has just become overwhelming in addition to everything else. Something must go, so we chose the quarterly issue instead of discontinuing the WestieGram all together.

Bathing Tip...Is your hair dryer too hot?

The hair dryers you and I use can get awfully hot. A dog's normal temp is higher than ours. Dogs don't sweat like we do, so they can quickly get overheated. In fact, it is always better to dry your Westie as much as possible with a towel. Use two or three towels and you will notice a shorter drying time with the hair dryer. Besides, the most enjoyable time of grooming is the towel dry time. Our dogs love it. Use the lowest setting on your hair dryer and be sure to keep it moving. A hot hair dryer can also dry out the skin and cause scratching.

Is your Westie too fat?

Most Westies do not get enough exercise (just like you and me)! When we are not walking our dogs on a regular schedule, they, like us, have a tendency to get overweight. Once that happens, it is hard to get that extra weight off.

It is very important to be sure you give your Westie the same amount of food each feeding (two times daily). Feeding on a schedule will also allow you to predict their poop schedule and give them a little extra time to get the job done. It works like "clock work" when you have them on a schedule.

Never give your Westie table food. This can not only give them an unbalanced diet, but can also trigger food allergies.

It is easy to overdo the goodies as well. Miss Chloe lets us know each morning and evening when she is due her daily cheese. We share a slice of cheese between our three each morning and evening. They love it. We also give them "baby" carrots and sliced apples. We do not give them many store bought treats. Don't over do it, and keep your Westie slim and trim!



The Christmas Westie

(I know it is not Christmas, but this book is written by a Westie lover and breeder. I couldn't resist letting you know about the book!)

...A delightful story of a little girl named Sharon and her wish for a Westie puppy for Christmas.  Two Westie puppies go on an adventure of hide and seek on Christmas Eve. 

This destined-to-be holiday classic will appeal to all children and adults alike.  The story is told in rhyme, with beautiful, heart-melting photographs to excite your entire family year after year.

Every puppy photographed in the book was chosen from Patricia A. Bremmer's family of Westies.

$17.99 Hardcover         Click to order your copy.


Soft Puppia Mesh Harness



The West Highland White Terrier Club of America will celebrate its 100th anniversary with a week of Westie-related seminars, dog shows, competitions in tracking, agility, rally, obedience, and Earthdog, and a parade, from September 7-14, 2009, in Lancaster, PA. Find out more at You can buy centennial shirts and a WHWTCA Centennial Cookbook.

WHWTCA Centennial Cookbook

Natural Hunters

Westies have a strong instinct to dig in search of vermin and underground prey. Install fencing in your yard to prevent them from accidentally escaping.

Cute Westie puppy bucket style handbag. Rhinestone accents on one side. Size 11.5 X 10 X 4.5", drop 10"



Beautiful Westie pillow. Jacquard woven with velvet backing 100% cotton size 18" x 18" Imported from Europe.



"Westie We Got Mail. Nice gift for a Westie lover. Set of 6 blank note cards and matching envelopes Cards are 5" x 7". Art by Suzanne Renaud."







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Progressive Auto policies now include pet injury coverage at no additional cost. The company pays up to $500 if a customer's dog is hurt or dies as a result of a car accident, regardless of fault.

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