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Farewell To The WestieGram!


Westies have been our love for years! When we stopped breeding our dogs in March '07, we got tons of emails saying they regret we will no longer be having pups available because they had planned to apply for one of ours. We had numbers of people who already have one of our pups say they had wanted another. We had a wait list of 18 months and made a lot of people sad because of our decision.

Breeding our dogs was a labor of love and we continue to miss that experience. Linda especially misses those times of taking special care of the moms and new pups as well as the companionship each mom gave to us. When we placed Ellie, Francie and Gigi, we gave them to two families. Ellie went to Brian and Robyn and she has become their child since they have no children at this point in their lives. Francie and Gigi went to live with John and Glenda, Robyn's mom and dad. The three girls get to visit often and we are very thankful they love them as much as we do. We could not have chosen better homes for our girls! We love to get pictures and notes about them.

We made that decision because we are nearing retirement and breeding and raising pups is a 24/7 job, if you do it like we did. They always were given 100% of our time and care. They never lacked for anything. As difficult as the decision was, it was the right one.

We have recently made another life decision related to how we use our time and energy. As you know, I am Associate Pastor/Minister of Education at Heritage Hills Baptist Church in Conyers, GA. That is my full-time work and commitment.

I was recently asked by the International Mission Board of our convention to put together GO Caribbean, a project designed to saturate the Caribbean Islands with prayer and place the Gospel of John and other evangelistic materials in every household. For months I have been designing training materials for Team Leaders and team members. We will begin with the island of Barbados. I have already been on the island meeting with pastors and church members making plans to partner with them in this evangelistic effort. Linda and I will lead the first team September 6-13, with a total of 9 teams before the end of 2008.

For this reason, we must say farewell to the WestieGram. We are giving all of our time to our ministry and will be unable to continue with the WestieGram. It also has been a labor of love and a desire to help as we can.

I do want you to know we appreciate your support and continue to know that we will help however we can. Do not ever hesitate to contact us if you feel we can be useful to you.

There are so many of you who access products sites from our website and when you do we get a small commission on the sale. For that we say, "Thank You" and hope you will continue to do so.

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"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue."  - Anonymous


Friends Page!

We will continue the website, including the Friends Page and invite you to send pictures of your Westie. Remember, it does not have to be a Down South Westie. We love it when we get pictures of our pups and see how they have grown and changed. Continue to send those pictures!

Make No Mistake!

For those of you who have one of our pups (now adults) nothing has changed. We want to keep up with you and our Westies and however we can help, we want to. Do not hesitate to contact us. If you change addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. please keep us informed.

Questions Asked!

The questions we get asked most are related to diet, supplements, skin and grooming care, vaccinations, and products for Westies. You can find much information on our website related to Westie Supplies as well as what to expect the first year.

Breeder Referral!

We have people ask us if we can recommend a breeder. The only breeder we know and refer to is in IN. Many people contact us in the metro area and do not want to drive or fly to pick up a pup. If you know a good breeder you can personally recommend, let us know. When we get a request we will pass it on to you so you can make a referral and answer questions.

GO Caribbean

If you would like to know more about GO Caribbean, check out our website:

If interested, How can you help?

9 Teams Planned through 2008

  • September 6-13 (filled)

  • September 13-20 (filled)

  • September 20-27 (filled)

  • September 27-October 4

  • October 4-11

  • October 25-November 1

  • November 1-8

  • November 8-15

  • November 15-22

Pray For Barbados!