Westie Christmas
                                                                                                                                                                                        Merry Christmas From Down South Westies!

Linda and I want to extend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you. Some of you have received our WestieGrams over the years. May God bless your family in the year ahead.
We have enjoyed receiving Christmas cards with Westie pictures and updates of our pups. Many of these came by way of emails and I have included them on the Friends Page. Send pictures anytime and remember, it does not have to be a Down South Westie! If you have a Westie and want to share pictures, please feel free to do so. You can use the form on the Friends Page to email your picture and comments.
Thomas and Linda

Meet our Dogs
Miss Chloe is still the "Queen" around here! She wants things done her way, and exactly when she wants it. She is very attached to me and will not even go outside to potty without me, if I am home. She is a talker and knows exactly how to ask to go potty, when she wants some cheese, or when she wants me to give her some attention by sitting with her on the sofa. She is quite a girl.


"King" Darby is still as sweet and gentle as always. He is very low-key and never gets excited. He is a great pet and loves everyone and every dog. He loves to bark at the squirrels. The only time he barks is when the squirrels come right up to the window to get water or bury nuts. They pester the dogs because they know they cannot get to them.
Christmas Paris
Paris is the lively one who fusses with Chloe. They get along great until bedtime because Chloe wants to sleep next to me and doesn't want Paris too close. They growl at each other as if they are going to eat each other up. They never fight, only fuss.

Paris is from Europe and is a very sweet girl. She has a great personality, very loving, and very smart.
The issue of dog food products continues to be a matter of concern to pet owners. I got the following alert a couple days ago and wanted to pass it on to you. It is regarding Chicken Jerky products also described as Chicken Tenders, Strips, or Treats.

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