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April 2009
It is a beautiful day in metro Atlanta! We have 7 Cherry trees in our yard and the blossoms are just gorgeous. The Azaleas are blooming and the grass is slowly losing its dormancy.
Easter Sunday is a great day to celebrate our heritage as Chrisitians. He is alive! I want to encourage you to attend worship on that day.
In this issue of the WestieGram, you will find an opportunity to support Oklahoma Westie Rescue by purchasing a Doggie Bandana. All proceeds go to the Rescue.
Also, I have included a Grooming Video by Mary Cunningham. I offered to list this for Mary because it is a good resource for those of you who want to learn to groom your Westie.
Happy Easter!
Springtime Allergies: Miss Chloe's Sneezing and Nasal Discharge
LuceAs you well know, Miss Chloe is still Queen at Down South Westies! However, our special Westies do sometimes get sick. Several days ago she began showing signs of sneezing. She has never had signs of allergy problems, so we assumed it was because of springtime pollen and would be temporary. But it soon became more than just sneezing. She awakened in the night a couple times with a strong burst of seemingly sucking in breaths (the vet calls it reversed sneezing). Then came the nasal discharge. She seemed to have all the symptoms of a human sinus infection so we immediately began to ask questions: Do we need to take her on to the vet or will this pass? Will she need antibiotics? Can this be more serious than it appears? So, off to the vet we went.  <MORE>
A Question from Nancy  
We have a most adorable male, Remy. He will be two in July. Last December he began having bloody, mucous stools. Our vet said it was allergic to his food (we were feeding him a lamb and rice formula from the vet). We made several changes and he is now on Hill's Science Z diet. His stools have cleared up, but he is on benedryl for itching and chewing his feet which I believe is still food related. Do you have any suggestions for a food that might improve his condition? I have ordered the Malaseb shampoo since the itching has gotten worse with patches of skin loosing hair. This has just recently begun since we have had so much pollen. Thanks for any insight.
~ Nancy from Mississippi
Hi Nancy: 
I accessed to find the ingredients of z/d and it does not have the dreaded wheat, corn, or beef. I would suggest you try the following:
(1)    Giving Benedryl (generic is much cheaper) is not the end of world, but it is obviously not working. You may need to try another form in addition to Benedryl. It is a known fact that to rotate them one in the morning and the other brand in the evening, with food, is more beneficial.
(2)    When you complete the Malaseb, be sure to use something like Emu Oil Shampoo. It is not filled with contaminants like dyes. Check out our Westie Supplies page.
(3)    With a tendency toward skin problems, you should talk to the groomer about sterilizing grooming tools before using them on Remy. It is possible to pick up diseases. However, you can do your own grooming. It is fun to learn.
(4)    Our Darby has a sensitive stomach and about 3 years ago went through the bloody stools, mucous, etc. The vet put him on Sulfasalazin Tab 500mg, tab AM and PM. He said he could not be on this over 7 days. It eventually cleared him up. We began feeding Nutro Natural Choice Chicken Meal, Rice and Oatmeal Formula Dog Food. It is a good food, you can buy it from PetSmart and is for "sensitive stomachs".
(5)    I am convinced some vets do not know how to deal with Westie skin problems. MSU Veterinary School is a good source for difficult problems. Be sure not to overlook that.
(6)    It is very important to be sure he does not have fleas. Westies can be very allergic to fleas. Be sure to check him good. Only 1 flea can cause havoc with the skin. Hope this helps. Let us know how Remy gets along.
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