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Down South Westies
WestieGram May 2009
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Final Word About Nutro
Our Trip To The Pet Store
Natural Flea Remedies
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The past several weeks have been spent in research, phone calls, emails, and contemplating dog food diets. You will read below about our change to Flint River Ranch Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice Ultra Premium Canine Formula. 
Another part of the process has been to develop a wholesome natural food diet that can be used as a supplement to your dog food or you can feed it to your dog exclusively.


P.S. In our next WestieGram, I will share with you our new home made food menu that we are feeding our dogs in addition to Flint River Ranch. Stay Tuned! 

FR FoodFinal Word about Nutro 
For the past several years we have used and recommended Nutro dog food products. When we were breeding, we sent Puppy Paks home with a sample bag of Nutro Puppy. This last incident involving the charge about an investigation into Nutro did turn out to be "false".
This WestieGram goes out to almost 600 subscribers each month. Numbers of you have emailed me with questions about your dog having stomach problems and you think it is the food. Some said your vet told you to stop using Nutro. About a month ago, Darby started having stomach problems. We suspected there was a problem with the food, but we have had such good service from Nutro products, we did not even consider that it was a food problem. After getting an email from a subscriber who said that Nutro had indeed changed the formula, I gave the company "another call". The lady I talked with really stressed the fact that the charge was false and their food was very high quality. I told her I believed her, but has there been a change in formula? She seemingly reluctantly said, "there has been no change recently, but in October, they did make a formula change". I told her I had gotten many emails about it and had the company? She said they had gotten some calls and that any time there is a formula change, some dogs have problems. That was enough for me. The seemingly difficult part for most people to accept is the formula change without a notice on the bag.
For us, it has cost us a lot in vet bills. There is seemingly no problem with Darby other than diet.  
After days and weeks of research, we have decided to make a change to Flint River Ranch Dog Food. We are using Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice Ultra Premium Canine Formula. It was an easy transition. I have heard other Westie owners rave about Flint River Ranch. While talking with the company, they invited me to be a distributor since it cannot be purchased in stores, so I signed up! If you have an interest in using Flint River Ranch I would like to be your distributor. Flint River Ranch is shipped directly to your home to assure you get it fresh from the ovens.
We have considered Flint River Ranch food in the past, but it is a little pricey. After last month's vet bills, we wish we had made the change sooner, but I felt so strongly about Nutro that it was difficult to change.
Now, Down South Westies are all happy and healthy. 
Our Trip To The Pet Store
On a Saturday few weeks ago Linda and I were enjoying the day doing some shopping chores when I noticed a pet store that I had not seen before. The thought occurred to me that I needed a small item so we ran in to pick it up. What we say saddened us. We do not go into pet stores that sell puppies or kittens because it is always a bad experience. We are always saddened by what we see.

Many families love to take a trip to the pet store to see all of the cute little puppies. What they may not realize is that pet stores often purchase their supply of animals from puppy mills or other commercial sources that breed solely for profit. The resulting puppies are inferior specimens of the breed, which means that they may not look or act like a typical member of the breed.
The parents of pet store puppies aren't screened for genetic disorders. In many cases, the parents are kept in unsanitary, cramped conditions with no health care or socialization. The sales staff at pet shops have little knowledge about the breeds they sell and are unable or unwilling to help if problems occur in the future. Pet shops claim that they carry high-quality dogs, using AKC registration as support for this claim. However, the AKC offers registration to members of the breed without checking the quality of the specimen. The AKC is not meant to be an organization aimed at monitoring the quality of the breed. Even with inferior specimens, pet shops still charge in the upper range for the breed and sell to anyone who will pay their fee. The puppies are treated as merchandise and kept in small cages until they are sold. And if they aren't sold, their fate is far worse. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claims that "some stores have been caught killing unsold dogs on the premises," and there is no law preventing them from doing so. Puppies purchased from pet stores are often much more difficult to housetrain because they were forced to sleep and void themselves in the same small area during early developmental months. <MORE>
 PuoInTubNatural Flea Remedies
Check out this natural way of eliminating unwanted fleas from your home and sleeping place of your pet. It has a natural aroma that is not harmful to humans, pets, or children.  <MORE>
Another Natural Approach to Flea Control
It is very important to be sure you stay tuned to "flea control". Some never have a problem with fleas while others battle daily. In selecting your program for flea control be sure to consider only what works and only what is safe for your companions as well as everyone else in your household. 
There are three stages, or areas to address, in the flea eviction process; the companion animal - internally and externally, the household environment, and the great outdoors, (or at least "securing the perimeter").  But before we wage war, it is best to know your enemy. <<MORE>>
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Marianne sent me a list of her latest additions to the website. Be sure to take a look! She is a fellow Westie lover, and started in October, 2005.