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Simple Whelping Box!

I quickly put these pictures together so you can get an idea of how I do it.  I laid the box down on the floor in their room so you could see.

You can make it any size.  I built this one 48" X 42".  The last two times, we had two litters the same week, so we took one room downstairs where they live and set up two 8' X 10' kennel cages so the moms would be confined to that area.  I placed the Whelping Box inside and I still had room for my twin size mattress to sleep on while I am with them waiting for her to whelp.  I have slept as long as 5 nights with our moms.  Linda watches during the day and I sleep with them at night, just to be sure there are no problems.


I use 1 X 12 lumber (what we call shelving in GA) and fasten the boards with screws, not nails.  I then use two L Brackets on each inside corner to help stabilize the frame.  I fasten with bolts and nuts the 1 1/4 PVC (the light, cheap kind) about 1 1/2 inches from the floor, called a Pig Rail in GA!  This keeps a pup safe if mom doesn't realize she is pushing a pup up against the side.

Notice how I inserted the door.  I marked a line 2 inches from the floor and 12 inches long then cut it out to the top of the board.  This gives you space to install hinges.  You can see how I used bolts (carriage bolts with rounded heads) to fasten the Pig Rail to the lumber.  Also, notice the two small slide locks I placed at the top to stabilize the door when closed.


Pretty Pups!










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